WattsWorth has been advising municipalities since 2003. Their professional advice has enabled their clients to consistently keep power costs to an absolute minimum, year over year.

WattsWorth is currently assisting more than 20 Municipal participants comprising over 40% of Ontario’s population, with an annual consumption of over 1 billion kWh’s of electricity. Their clients have benefited from savings and cost avoidance in excess of $22 million dollars to date.

Gas purchasing is also a key part of WattsWorth’s strategies, for an increasing number of Municipal clients.  Most suppliers in Ontario are unrated subsidiaries of larger companies, therefore, all necessary steps are taken to protect clients from the risk of a low credit rated supplier.

WattsWorth’s client’s success stems from the fact that, in not selling commodities, procurement advice on electricity and gas is unbiased. They are positioned to act immediately, enabling Municipalities to start saving – today.