In the complex and ever-changing landscape of energy management, WattsWorth introduced in 2012 its innovative Peak Notification Service, a tailored solution designed to support Class A load customers in Ontario under the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) program. This service is specifically crafted to help businesses navigate the complexities of energy consumption and costs, particularly in managing demand during critical peak periods.

Key Features of the Peak Demand Notification Services:

  1. Forecasting Top 5 Peaks: WW specializes in accurately forecasting the ‘top 5 peak’ demand periods in Ontario. Understanding these critical periods is vital for Class A load customers looking to reduce their Global Adjustment costs.
  2. Timely Notifications: WW provides advanced notifications when there is a potential occurrence of a top 5 peak demand incident. This enables customers to prepare and react appropriately from a load management perspective.
  3. Minimizing Coincident Peak Factor: By effectively managing energy usage during these forecasted peak periods, customers can minimize their Coincident Peak Factor for the following year, leading to significant cost savings.
  4. Expert Analysis and Support: Customers of the Peak Demand Notification Service benefit from WW’s expertise in the energy market. The team at WW provides insightful analysis and support, aiding customers in making informed decisions about their energy usage.