One of the more intricate services that WattsWorth provides is the management of generators within the Ontario market. Their focus on increasing the operational efficiency of generator equipment results in an optimal financial return for your investors.

Bringing a generator to commercial realization can present a host of different challenges. These may include, but are not limited to, decision-making in regards to the operation of the generator within the retail or IESO market, equipment registration, verification of financial results, and the complexity of developing an effective bidding strategy.


WattsWorth has a proven track record in this complex arena. They will use their expertise to ensure goals are met and operational profitability is realized.


Below is a list of generator services that WattsWorth provides:

    • Development and execution of daily bidding strategy in the IESO market (energy and operating reserve)
    • Monitoring of hourly pre-dispatch schedules
    • Coordination of dispatch schedules with plant control room operators
    • Real time communication with IESO control room operators
    • Settlement services to verify metering data, settlement statements, invoices, financial results and notice of disagreement management.
    • Cost filings for IESO programs SGOL/DACP
    • Settlement verification of monthly OPA invoices
    • Budget support
    • Support with bilateral contract activities: RFP process, interaction with IESO, settlement with counter-party